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OH YEAH. I FORGOT.@Twitter @TwitterSupport @TwitterSafety actually did something good for once, about a month ago. TW for anti-Autistic hatred in these reviews btw: — NoPuzzl: kind of back hopefully (@NoPuzzl98) June 26, 2018

via As Seen On Twitter | @TwitterSupport Actually Did Something Good, via @NoPuzzl98 — International Badass Activists


Children of a Lesser God, The Art of War

There is indeed no crueler form of violence than when you are robbed of your place in society, and preventing you from lifting yourself into a place of self-sufficiency and thus, regaining the humanity that ignorance and indifference have taken away. For yes, INDIFFERENCE is the cruelest form of violence on the human soul.

I have journeyed from making 6 figures to a place where for health reasons, I am put under disabled. This makes me no less, nor does it diminish my intelligence or my right to equal protection under the law. However, when you combine the ignorance of some, the political polarizing of a country and corporate greed, there are indeed casualties of war.

Apple, the forbidden fruit!

I have been subjected, out of hatred, for I even know who is doing it, to identity theft and hacking targetting my computers, phones, identity and even worse. For as I have wanted to lift myself through going back to school, changing careers and being a contributing member of society for my sexual orientation have been the subject of 6 months of what I can only define as utter cruelty. I have reached out to companies such as Microsoft, Apple and Dell and their indifference also has cost me tremendously.

For you see, when you call the police, who instead of focusing on the crime, question your intelligence then do nothing, not even willing to look at evidence, it is a blow as I have never felt. When I contacted the FBI cyber crimes unit, I got hung up on… 8 times. I have called, written and literally begged for help and the indifference is very painful.

Apple in particularly, from January of this year, has been made aware. As I told them, I do not seek fortune, just help me protect my information. Rather than assisting, 87 tickets later, 24 Senior Advisors and 4 Consumer Relations people and I have had to fight as if I was in war for them to even just honor warranties on things I have spent thousands of dollars on. Even pointing out to them, that some of these were part of human error on their part, and I was not looking for them to throw themselves under the bus, but to be just! They in turn, refer to procedures that favor those that are the ones hurting innocent people and to this day, show the greatest indifference.

However, I am no less as a human being and as I have traveled on this road, through research, have found out that what I have been calling them on, reporting and they have denied, is indeed possible, for once again, I am having my accounts attacked, and it seems for negligence on their part and unethical business practices they cannot bring themselves to doing the right thing, robbing me of something far far more important. As I have seen how people treat people with disabilities I have moved to advocate, with Maria hitting my childhood home, I have moved to help the poor and the elderly. I do not belief in not doing your part, so I invested and saved thousands of dollars I was going to give myself. lost. This is the hard part, for if so many are willing to sit on the sidelines, I respect that, however why prevent me from doing so?

This has reached a point where my health fails me, and find myself wondering is this how I will meet my end? No voice, ignored and with rights that people dont seem to understand, as I advocate Equality are for everyone. I do not seek favoritism I simply want legal protection, for someone to actually care. I even wrote the Justice Department, who did not even read my complaint of bo protection at the state level, but sent me a generic letter, telling me I have rights, it is just my job to defend them.

As I blog I will get into a lot more specifics for out information is not secure. For those that look away, for whatever reason, fail to see that this impacts all of Americans, all of us. however, seem willing to only raise their voice in defiance when the unjust happens to them.

I will not die like this, hardly access to medical care and people assuming a person exagerrates. I have spent months, trying to rally support and seek assistance, my time is running out. As I championed as an Executive for yes, I am well educated, stategem dictates, as I am at a crossroads, if no other choice I MUST FIGHT. I do not know if anyone will listen, for evidence I have plenty of, yet I rise to the heavens in a thousand colors rallying what is left of my spirit, for I am intelligent enough to know my health will eventually fail me. So as I do, I will blog, I will scream and I will advocate and give purpose to my pain and suffering.

Never have I experienced such a painful moment in my life. I have loved and lost, been poor and made 6 figures yet now find myself looking at the stars, remembering that my mother used to tell me that they were glimpses into the soul of God, something in that comforts me. Should anyone be able to point me to an attorney that might listen, I would be grateful…. I must admit I never knew what it felt to be a child of a lesser God.

I so now understand Maya Angelou, I too know why the Caged Bird Sings, for I took want freedom from the imprisonment of my soul, by those that have deemed me less. In the event you think I am exaggerating? I did HR Investigations for 20 years and know how to thoroughly document, but what good is it, when bo one seems you or sees you.

Caged Bird by Maya Angelou

Yes there is an Art to War, yet it is seldom without casualties and wounds inflicted that although may heal, do really scar you to your core. Here’s to having to defend myself, but I do so with dignity… do you hear that???? WHOOOOSH, there I go, rising for justice, on my own…..

Tale of Two Cities in Modern Time

Greatness was when people were a community…….

In sadness whispered do you not hear me?

You once knew me, once I existed…

Have I changed so much? Silence to cruelty?

Do you still believe its God’s anger to me?

Once as you cried, my arms love existed.

To battle’s cry you feign and look through me,

What is to know I lived once, now but a whisper.

To be heard by thousands once, no different

Yet the stars are my solace as I sit dreaming.

You have deemed me different, somehow less

The wounds of indifference felt to inner pains,

To be a child of a lesser God, yet so conscious.

Fighting for equality,hope a shadow’s defiance.

My friend, brothers, I still love and see you,

Yet to tears of God it is you who does not listen

For the cruelest form of violence is indifference.

By the time you remember, no more whispers…

For to be forgotten? Sentenced a soul to be extinguished, this is the price paid for who I am?

The soul of an artist, a touch wounds the heart. Will not apologize, you see, God does see me….

To be part of one world and then, judged and to be thought so slow of the mind. Just because I said nothing, I knew, that see you later, was goodbye’s kiss. We all matter, we all do.

I listen to this every nite, I am amazed how so many forget the human spirit, to become an advocate for others, for I did listen, and deemed less,,ironically, my heart hears them.